Międzygórze is a quiet resort, hidden amidst the wild and beautiful mountains of the Massif of Śnieżnik. The picturesque location surrounded by forests and mountain creeks of the Śnieżnik Landscape Park splendidly highlights the exceptional 19th century Norwegian and Tyrolean style guesthouse architecture.

The Wilczka Waterfall


The Dam


Fairy Tale Garden


The Śnieżnik Mountain Hut

Masyw Śnieżnika

The Sanctuary of Mary of the Snow


Princess Marianne of Orange-Nassau Cross Border Trail


Śnieżnik Landscape Park

Masyw Śnieżnika

Sky Walk

Dolni Morava

Czarna Góra Centre


Bear Cave


GOPR Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue

Międzygórze can boast of one of the most modern stations of the GOPR Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue in Poland. The new building,with a design inspired by its mountainous surroundings, is well-inscribedwithin the landscape while its immediate vicinity has been adapted and equipped to the needs of rescue operations. The staff of the all-year-round GOPR station in Międzygórze have also been provided with professional equipment: quads, snowmobiles, a Land Rover Defender, and – obviously - appropriate medical supplies in order to guarantee maximum safety to tourists. Inour mountains hikers may feel safe since they are in good care of professionally trained rescuers. The investment was partly subsidised by the EU in the frames of the Dolnoslaskie Regional Operational Programme.

We wish our visitors only safe and well-advised mountain treks, should anything unexpected happen, however, our GOPR Rescue and Search Service Station at ul. Śnieżna 23c may be contacted 24/7 all year round.

Telefony alarmowe: 985 oraz 601 100 300
Aktualny komunikat GOPR: http://meteo.gopr.pl